free chat rooms

Feel free to utilize the following "emoticons" or "smileys" in the chat rooms.

Simply type the characters on the left to display the image on the right.

Have fun!

I am cool :cool
You will see: I am cool
:) happy :< angry
;) wink :ok ok
:D grimace :stop stop
:blackeye black eye :blush blush
:butt butt :cool cool
:music music :lol  lol
:ouch ouch :thumbsdown thumbs down
:shocked shocked :kissme kiss me
:rose rose :yinyang yin yang
:cry cry :disgust disgusted
:crap crap :freak freak
:evil evil :( sad
:beer beer :anger Bin Laden
:inlove inlove :kiss kiss
:love love :hmm hmm
:sneaky sneaky :violent violent
:rip R.I.P. :O embarrassed
:sexy sexy :shock shock
:shy shy :sick sick
:spidey spidey :sleepy sleepy
:sly sly :reallysad really sad
:weed weed :8ball 8 ball
:thumb thumbs up :stickout stick out
:smoking smoking :hi hi
:undecided undecided :wasted wasted
:usflag u.s. flag :auflag aussie flag
:ukflag union jack :caflag canada flag